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Pacific Seafood

We aim to meet all of our customers’ center of the plate protein needs including seafood, beef, pork, and poultry. Some of our most popular items include Pacific oystersDungeness crab, a wide variety of groundfish (rockfishsolepollock), coldwater shrimpwild salmon, and Columbia River Steelhead.

From our humble beginnings in 1941, Pacific Seafood has grown to employ more than 3,000 team members across 41 facilities in 11 states. Still family owned, Pacific Seafood manages all parts of the supply chain from harvesting/fishing to processing, and distribution in order to provide customers with fresh, sustainable, high-quality products.

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Bingham's Custom Meats

Bingham's Custom Meats is a full service butcher shop with retail meat sales. They are known for their Bacon Bombs and other unique meat items. Bingham's Custom Meats is a proud member of  AAMP as well as NWMPA.

Supporting local Agriculture, the community and furthering the craft of Butchery is what Bingham's is all about. 

Whiskey Bent Bbq

Whiskey Bent Bbq was established in 2022, by Matt Dockstader, BJ Anadon and Ray Williams. We have prided ourselves on offering authentic tic Santa Maria style bbq. We have won numerous bbq awards, including 4 time over champions at the Santa Maria BBQ festival. We offer full service catering for any event, weddings, birthdays, graduation party's etc. We are very excited to sponsor the Butchers of America! Go team USA!!! 

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Applestone Solutions

Applestone Solutions LLC, a rapidly growing developer of unattended retail sales and smart vending software offers a cloud-based, SaaS solution designed to help retail operations of all sizes optimize their product mix, monitor inventory remotely, and stay on top of sales. Our specialty is in perishable food and grocery vending, though our solution can handle any product. Our core differentiators include shrinkage reduction features, ease of integration with third-party systems, and item-level tracking of variably-priced products.

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The Colorado Beef Council

The Colorado Beef Council (CBC) manages demand and consumer confidence building programs for Colorado’s $3.4 Billion beef industry.  CBC operates under the guidance of its Board of Directors who are appointed by the Governor of the state of Colorado and represent the cattle raiser, cattle feeder, dairy, beef distributor, beef marketer, and beef processor segments of the industry.    For more information, visit 

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Northwest Meat Processors Association
The Northwest Meat Processors Association is committed to the education and advocacy of the
meat processing industry in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. NWMPA shall work for the betterment of the meat industry in the Northwest. This will be accomplished by providing strong, qualified leadership that represents the interests of the meat industry in the legislative halls. In addition, we keep our members informed of developments and matters of development and matters of interest in the meat industry.

At Friesla, our mission is to help farmers and ranchers take back control of local meat processing—on your terms, time, and at your site. Our vision is to create a network of strong, sustainable ecosystems in which independent meat producers and processors raise, process, and deliver premium meat directly to our local communities. Farmers and ranchers don’t need to depend on brick and mortar facilities to harvest, age, cut and wrap, and freeze your meat. Own your processing with Friesla’s system of USDA-compliant Mobile and Modular Meat Processing Equipment proudly built in the USA by TriVan. Ease the journey of bringing meat
from farm to table: on your conditions, schedule, and location of choice.

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Jordan Casing Company

Jordan Casing Company has been providing premium casings and phenomenal service for over 30 years. We offer premium hog, sheep, beef, and collagen casings as well as Excalibur Seasonings and other butcher supplies. We not only strive to provide the best casings, but we strive to support all of our clients with continued education and a social platform to highlight their businesses. We love connecting clients for questions and discussions. We belong to the California Association of Meat Processors, the American Association of Meat Processors, the Northwest Association of Meat Processors and the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors. We also sponsor the Butcher of America. We are located in Northern California but ship to our clients all over the US.  

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Marble & Marrow

Marble & Marrow Private Dining is a high-end private chef & catering company in Denver, Colorado that brings the fine dining restaurant experience to you. Offerings range from seasonal 5-course dinner parties with wine pairings to upscale appetizer buffets & grazing stations to wedding catering and weeklong corporate retreats. Every event with Marble & Marrow Private Dining is an Unforgettable Culinary Experience.

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Montana Beef Council
The Montana Beef Council is organized to enhance profit opportunities for Montana cattle and beef producers by increasing demand for beef and beef products.  The Montana Beef Council was created in 1954 by cattlemen as a marketing organization for the Montana Beef industry. It is one of 44 state beef councils.  The goals of the Montana Beef Council are to

1.) increase the frequency of consumers choosing beef,

2.) retain beef’s position as a leader in the market,

turn beef believers into beef advocates, and

4.) reinforce beef’s value proposition.


LAVMC is a non-profit that raises money through donations and events, strictly to support the small rural community of Los Alamos. Their goal is to aid their fellow neighbors in their quest for excellence.

Frank's Meats

Frank's Meats is a dynamic food truck and catering business based in the Coachella Valley, Southern California, founded and operated by Butcher/Chef Frank Dorame Jr. With a passion for high-quality meats and culinary expertise, Frank's offers a diverse menu of delicious dishes crafted using responsibly sourced ingredients and time-tested cooking techniques.

The Producer Partnership

The Producer Partnership was founded in Spring 2020 with the mission to end hunger in Montana. Our nonprofit organization partners with livestock producers across the state by processing donated livestock into top quality protein and providing it to food banks to help those in need. Local producers, and food centers working in partnership to provide Montana protein to those individuals and families with food insecurity. This is the spirit of Montana neighbors helping one another.

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