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Northwest Meat Processors Association
The Northwest Meat Processors Association is committed to the education and advocacy of the
meat processing industry in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. NWMPA shall work for the betterment of the meat industry in the Northwest. This will be accomplished by providing strong, qualified leadership that represents the interests of the meat industry in the legislative halls. In addition, we keep our members informed of developments and matters of development and matters of interest in the meat industry.

At Friesla, our mission is to help farmers and ranchers take back control of local meat processing—on your terms, time, and at your site. Our vision is to create a network of strong, sustainable ecosystems in which independent meat producers and processors raise, process, and deliver premium meat directly to our local communities. Farmers and ranchers don’t need to depend on brick and mortar facilities to harvest, age, cut and wrap, and freeze your meat. Own your processing with Friesla’s system of USDA-compliant Mobile and Modular Meat Processing Equipment proudly built in the USA by TriVan. Ease the journey of bringing meat
from farm to table: on your conditions, schedule, and location of choice.

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Montana Beef Council
The Montana Beef Council is organized to enhance profit opportunities for Montana cattle and beef producers by increasing demand for beef and beef products.  The Montana Beef Council was created in 1954 by cattlemen as a marketing organization for the Montana Beef industry. It is one of 44 state beef councils.  The goals of the Montana Beef Council are to

1.) increase the frequency of consumers choosing beef,

2.) retain beef’s position as a leader in the market,

turn beef believers into beef advocates, and

4.) reinforce beef’s value proposition.


LAVMC is a non-profit that raises money through donations and events, strictly to support the small rural community of Los Alamos. Their goal is to aid their fellow neighbors in their quest for excellence.

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