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Butchers of America Team USA will be competing in the World Butcher's Challenge in 2025. We are looking for the best butchers in America to be a part of our team. We are looking for driven individuals with a passion for butchery. Someone who works well on a team and is ready to be dedicated to something huge.

What is expected of team members?

Being part of Team USA is a commitment. Team Member Requirements include;

Working with a Team; whether you will be competing in the Team Event or the Individual event you will be a part of the Butchers of America Team USA Team. You will be required to work with others and collaborate on ideas and techniques. We do not claim to be the best, we are just the ones willing to sacrifice time and money to be a part of the team and as such we are required to be willing to learn, improve, teach, follow and lead. 

Practices; Practices will be held once a month beginning January 2024 and will go through April 2025. Practices are mandatory and are held once a month, Friday - Arrive, Saturday - Practice, Sunday - Practice & Departure. Practices are held in Sacramento, CA. Each member is required to pay for their transportation to and from practices. 

Equipment; knives and PPE used at practices, events or competitions will be earned and will match what the team as a whole uses

Fundraising; Each team member is responsible to raise funds set by the board to help pay for team travel, proteins, equipment, lodging, food, and other expenses during practices and events, specifically practices and the World Butcher's Challenge

Code of Conduct; Each team member will sustain and uphold the Butchers of America Code of Conduct, Failure to uphold the Code of Conduct will result in an appearance before the board for recommendation. 

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